Currently I'm actively looking for a new interesting business career opportunity. If this sounds interesting to you please check out the following short introduction of me with links to my details.

I last worked as

In my last job I worked as mobile app and web software engineer at e-switch Solutions AG in Pfäffikon SZ. We were developing mobile productivity apps with SAP connectivity using a company own JAVA multi platform framework for Android, iOS, Browser and Desktop. I personally had the lead for an important international client world wide and was responsible for all his projects. The apps were mainly for employees of the client like technicians which had to report hours and work done as well as used, needed material or request additional support and so on.

e-switch solutions AG,

Mobile & web software engineer with project manager function

  • Mainly Android mobile Tablet, Phone and Wear apps, also GWT Web Browser and Java Win32 applications
  • Java, XML, Apache Webserver on Windows / Linux Server Technology, Connection to SAP System (RFC)
  • Responsibility for all Android App projects, development and support of a prominent international industrial company
  • Implementation of custom projects in JAVA with a company own multi platform framework 
  • Middleware setup, maintenance and implementation with XML/XSLT with Apache Tomcat server on Windows & Linux
  • Internal infrastructure renewal. Setup and maintenance as well as admin for Linux servers, backup tasks, company Wiki, Git server and repos, OSTIcket system for support

Find my detailed CV here

I'm good at


  • JAVA, JAVAScript (jQuery), HTML5, CSS3 & LESS, PHP, C#, C++, VB / VB.Net, Win API / DLL, BASIC & QBASIC, MASM32
  • MySQL, ORACLE, MS SQL, SQLIte, MS Access. ERWin, SilverRun, UML and Datamodelling in special
  • SAP: ABAP, Certificates Managemet, Transports, RFC-Functions, User-Management, Fax, E-Mail, Smart-Forms
  • Google API & online tools, AngularJS, ZEND, Joomla, Titanium, Material Design, Bootstrap, T3 Framework
  • Apache Webserver, Apache Tomcat, Ngnix, IIS
  • IntelliJ, Eclipse, MS Visual Studio, Xamarin (MONO), MS Office & Open Office
  • Visual Studio Debugger, OllyDbg, SoftICE, Hopper Disassembler, IDA, PE Explorer

Soft skills

  • I'm well structured. I analyse the options and plan my actions before I start work, I've also worked in agile and highly structured teams with reviews etc.
  • I feel strong in analytic conversations. Face to face and on the phone. To parley and to lead negotiations. This also in english
  • I'm strong in correspondence like writing emails or letters of any kind

Find my detailed skill sheet here

I'm looking for

  • Full time employment with contract and payment on a monthly base
  • Software development with object oriented API and / or framework maybe with project leader opportunity
  • Challenging and interesting projects where you work close together with clients or users
  • I love to work in the web and mobile app sector. Full stack, preferably with Android, iOS or some web API or framework

If this short introduction seems interesting to you and /or you have a job opportunity relevant to this description, please don't miss my CV and skill sheet. For contact or even more detailed information or references and credentials please reach me directly via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the web form.