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Website of Kontakt und Anlaufstelle Zürich - Kontakt und Anlaufstellen Zürich
Website of Fahrschule MF (made by

Cross-Cover game of the good old Snake from Nokia Mobiles and the 90s 3D ego shooter Quake.
Night shift chess

Forum, reporting and analyze tool for the "Night shift chess" club Zurich.

Presentation platform for An architectural and design company located in the county of Zurich in Switzerland.
Fahrschule MF

Driving school for cars and motorbikes. Provides each and everything you need for the exam. Lessons as well as courses for preparing and successfully mastering your drivers license exam.
Website of MH Umzuege GmbH (made by
MH Umzuege GmbH

Professional moving service for all your needs regarding home or office relocations, eviction or professional storage and similar task in the region around Zurich
Website of SatElite GmbH (made by
SatElite GmbH

Service provider in the consumer electronics sector. Specialised in Sattelite technology TV, HiFi and Home Entertainment systems. Counceling, Sale, Installation / Setup and Maintenance

Website of (made by (unfinished)

Import and Sale of top quality occasion luxury cars from all around the globe. Startup business, ask us for top conditions.

Older websites by Kim David Hauser

Website of Hotel Chillis (made by
Hotel Chillis

Hotel, Bar & Nightclub in the middle of Zurich. Meetingpoint and base for your night in this Metropol

Website of Ferropol GmbH (made by
Ferropol GmbH

Import, sale and merchandise of hardware and tools of any kind.


This site is one of the most popular ressources, when it comes to questions about programming or bugs while programming. This source is realy trustworthy.

Code Project
One among the best Windows Open Source comunities in the net. There are articles about allmost every question you will come up with for windows development and more.

Very useful site about Mobile Device development with huge sections targeting e-reader and specially the Amazon Kindle

Zend Framework
Zend is a free PHP Library which assists you developing industrial standard websites with an comprehensive pool of common used functionalities. It also provides the basics for implementing a project with MVC architecture. You can implement the whole MVC structure or just pick and include single lib files as you need them for your project

Joomla is an easy to use, very user user friendly open source PHP CMS. There is a large community around this great project. You can download thousands of templates (skins), extentions and plugins as well as language packages and more. Joomla natively supports the implementation of websites in multiple languages. 

Another great open source PHP CMS. This project is more sophisticated and developer oriented than Joomla. It requires more knowledge of implementing PHP code than for example Joomla does.


Network security / reverse engineering

fravia -
Fravia passed away on Sunday, 3rd May 2009. He was one among the best programmers, reverse engineers and ethical hackers on this planet (until now). If you want to learn the secrets and art of searching, programming, ethical hacking fravia's essays are essential and the great to learn how to perform better in every way.
Everything Windows Driver Development ... Windows Internals, Drivers, File Systems

  • Samples, source code
  • File system insight, documentation
  • Download samples, tools and such
  • Free hardware and driver tutorials
The leading freeware Windows assembler level debugger. You can attach to Win32/64 applications, processes and explorer everything, that defines the PE-File. Real time debug sessions, conditional breakpoints and complete register overview are just a few features of this great tool. Check it out!
The highest rated and acclaimed Linux security distribution to date. BackTrack is a Linux-based penetration testing arsenal that aids security professionals in the ability to perform assessments in a purely native environment dedicated to hacking.
Essential for security knowledge about networks and the internet. If you want to train your network security skills and or become a better hacker, this site offers unique security challenges especially for beginners and intermediates. Please feel free to create a account without charge and test your skills with the challenges.

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